Friday Afternoon in the Universe


FRIDAY AFTERNOON IN THE UNIVERSE is an exciting new project by award-winning Portland filmmaker, Scott Ballard. The script was co-written by Scott Ballard and Long time collaborator, Jordan Eusebio.

This comedic, adventurous and energetic film follows Eleanor, a playwright who is trapped in an unproductive cycle, unable to finish her latest obsession, a futuristic drama that takes place on the moon. Her Sci-fi ramblings are disrupted when she learns an ex has stolen her work and debuted it to adoring crowds. A surge of passion invigorates Eleanor and she sets out to confront her ex-lover and take back the play that’s rightfully hers. Joined by friends Charlotte and Frank, the three hit the road to San Francisco via the beautiful Oregon Coast. Along the way, the film cuts between the journey down the coast and the stage as each of the character’s stories, hopes and histories unfold. Told half on the road and half in a theater, the film is an homage to the art of storytelling, flowing from Eleanor’s self-doubts as a writer to her revenge fueled quest. It is a comical revenge film, carefully balancing cinema and theater in a visually lush and dynamic psychological journey. / / Instagram: Onwardthreefilms